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Matt McCaw


About half of the images are created with a traditional Nikon shot on 35mm film. The rest are created with a Diana Camera. This is a type of camera that was made and sold as a toy in the 1970s. By coincidence, the camera's cheap, plastic lens and the fact that it used medium format film, make it an excellent tool for creative photographers. All of the images are created in a traditional darkroom as well.


Matt McCaw grew up in Columbus, Ohio and studied Photography and English at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. His images are created with a traditional 35mm camera as well as a Diana, a plastic camera which uses a medium format negative. All are printed in a traditional darkroom. He creates photographs of his travels abroad as well as places in his home in the American Midwest. Matt is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania where he is working on a new collection of images.

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